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Latest News

Liberals spend like drunken sailors while the state is plunged into debt

  • Government wastes money while Tasmania goes into debt
  • Excessive spending on Ministerial staff and credit cards
  • Premier has his priorities all wrong

Spending on Ministerial staff and credit cards has exploded at the same time the Liberal Government is sending the state into debt and taking the axe to the public service.

The Premier has no coherent explanation for the bloated spending across Ministerial offices.

Ministerial staffing has blown out by 27.6 per cent in three years.

The Government Media Unit has grown by 50 per cent in the same period.

In the year to March, $42,436.99 had been racked up on credit cards by Ministerial staff.

In a single year, the Chief of Staff to Guy Barnett spent $14,846.64 on the credit card.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the level of government waste was appalling.

“The Liberals claim to be responsible financial managers and yet they are spending like drunken sailors and have plunged Tasmania into $1.1 billion in net debt,” Ms White said.

“The axe is hanging over the jobs of teachers, nurses and park rangers at the same time that Ministerial staff numbers have ballooned.

“The priorities of this Minority Liberal Government are all wrong.”

Premier’s hypocrisy over Mona funding

  • Will Hodman’s hypocrisy over Mona laid bare
  • Premier sat silent while Mona used as a political football
  • Premier betrayed Mona for political advantage

The shameful hypocrisy of Will Hodgman has again been laid bare with revelations he personally encouraged Mona to lobby both major parties for Federal funding for its hotel development.

Federal Labor committed funding to secure public amenities as part of the development, including a theatre and convention space.

Will Hodgman sat silent as his Federal Liberal colleagues recklessly used Mona as a political football.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Premier should be ashamed.

“The revelation that Will Hodgman actually encouraged Mona to lobby for Federal funds is extraordinary,” Ms White said.

“He pretended to support Mona’s development and then he betrayed them in pursuit of a political advantage.

“This is a shocking example of the shameful hypocrisy of this Premier.

“He is a fair weather friend of the tourism industry and he cannot be trusted.”

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