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  1. The Premier’s failure to rule out an impact on the Cenotaph is further evidence that his planned $750 million stadium is reckless and ill thought out. Jeremy Rockliff’s obsession with building a stadium at Macquarie Point in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis was already a bad idea. And the more we learn about it, […]

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  2. Energy Minister Guy Barnett has again refused to answer basic questions about the future of Project Marinus. Labor asked Mr Barnett for confirmation that he had rejected another offer from the Federal Government to pay for well over half of the Project Marinus construction cost.  He refused to answer the question. This is not the […]

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  3. Felix Ellis and Guy Barnett must say whether they support a new $750 million stadium in Hobart. Both were given the opportunity to outline their support for the stadium yesterday, but refused to do so. If they do not, it will be clear that the Cabinet is split. As Minister for State Development, responsible for […]

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  4. The Liberal Government have today revealed how truly divided they are, with two key members of parliament refusing to announce their support for the new $750 million stadium in Hobart. Despite his showboating and bravado Felix Ellis, through all his incoherent lashings of the politics of yesteryear, failed to announce his support for the new […]

    The post Premier’s own ministers fail to support new stadium appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  5. The Liberal government continues to show complete disregard for Tasmanians’ health and wellbeing as they push on with spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds on a new stadium in Hobart instead of addressing the real issues affecting Tasmanians. This government promised at the last state election that it would completely redevelop the Launceston General […]

    The post Liberals fund stadium over hospital in crisis appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  6. The safety and well-being of our young people should be government’s highest priority The Commission of Inquiry has brought to light harrowing experiences of young people in Tasmanian institutions, including Ashley Youth Detention Centre, as well as the deeply flawed practices across government agencies. Much of what has been uncovered through the Commission would not […]

    The post Attorney has serious questions to answer appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  7. The Liberal government has reaffirmed its commitment to a stadium over the needs of Tasmanians, ignoring educators’ concerns about conditions in our schools. Overworked and underpaid school staff were forced to take stop-work action today because this government refuses to take seriously their concerns about support for students, workloads, staff shortages and competitive pay. After […]

    The post Education behind stadium on Liberals’ priorities list appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  8. Jeremy Rockliff is now the Member for Braddon in name only, with his priorities firmly set on building a $750 million stadium in Hobart. The state Liberal Members from the North and North-West need to outline to the people of Bass and Braddon where their priorities lie. Do they prioritise easing the cost of living, […]

    The post Tasmanian Liberal Party divided on new Hobart stadium appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  9. Jeremy Rockliff embarrassed himself in question time today, failing to answer basic questions and refusing to say the word ‘stadium’ for over an hour. This odd display from the struggling Premier highlights the desperate situation the Liberal Government has put itself in. Jeremy Rockliff and his Government’s back is now firmly against the wall as […]

    The post Shocker day for Rockliff with no justification on stadium appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  10. The Liberal government is putting Tasmania’s finances at risk by stubbornly pushing ahead with its new $750 million stadium in Hobart. Premier Jeremy Rockliff conceded in Parliament this morning that there is no business case for the new stadium, meaning the Liberals have no idea what the annual running costs and estimated profit and loss […]

    The post No business case for stadium splurge appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

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