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  1. Portfolios changing hands too often Senior public servants silenced through reshuffles Politics getting in the way of effective government Whoever is the next Premier of Tasmania must stop shuffling the decks in the cabinet and in the public service. Labor Member for Braddon Shane Broad said there has been too much instability in ministerial portfolios […]

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  2. Health system can’t withstand further cuts to staff and services A new Premier has an opportunity to revise budget priorities Tasmanians expect to hear the plan to turn the crisis around Tasmania’s new Premier must guarantee to quarantine Tasmania’s health system from cuts to frontline services. Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said Tasmania’s health system […]

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  3. Will Hodgman’s departure has lifted the veil on Liberal chaos Factional fighting does not serve the needs of Tasmanians First leadership spill in more than two decades With chaos engulfing the Tasmanian Liberals, Labor Leader Rebecca White has called on them to remember the people they were elected to serve. “What we’ve seen in recent […]

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  4. Razor gang chief vs failed former Health Minister Attorney General vs Speaker As Liberal MPs jockey for support, it’s no surprise that the long running feud between Clark MPs Sue Hickey and Elise Archer is smack bang in the middle of it all. Labor Member for Braddon Shane Broad said Tasmanians deserved better than square […]

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  5. Community deserves to know where leadership contenders stand on northern prison Community prepared to fight government on ‘preferred site’ Elise Archer needs to start over, and run a proper consultation process It’s time for the Liberals to listen to the community and walk away from Westbury as a site for the proposed maximum security northern […]

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  6. Conservatives vs Budget razor gang members Liberals completely in chaos Tasmanians deserve better While businesses and the Tasmanian community wait to see who will be Tasmania’s next Premier, the Liberals continue to fight amongst themselves. Labor Member for Braddon Shane Broad said it was time the Liberals put Tasmania first. “The Liberal Party-room meeting, whenever […]

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  7. New equipment a worker safety initiative, not a PR opportunity Paramedics deserve better from the government Suggestions that important new equipment for ambulance Tasmania was quarantined for use in a PR event are deeply concerning. Shadow Minister for Health Sarah Lovell said the introduction of powered stretchers was an important occupational health and safety matter. […]

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  8. Liberals need new course, not just new leader New Premier must wind back cuts Liberal party and state budget in chaos Budget mismanagement, cuts to frontline services and a blowout in net debt will be among the most pressing challenges for the new Liberal leader. Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein […]

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  9. No certainty around leadership of government Why the wait to formalise resignation? Will Hodgman wants to anoint successor The question of who is the Premier of Tasmania should not be left hanging while senior Liberals jockey for position. Labor Member for Braddon Shane Broad said Tasmanians deserve certainty from government. “The one thing the Liberals […]

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  10. Labor focused on the things that matter to Tasmanians Liberals consumed by inertia and instability Labor’s commitment to creating a better, fairer Tasmania has only been strengthened by the instability consuming the Liberal Party. The shock departure of Will Hodgman has left a leadership vacuum in the Liberal government at a critical time in the […]

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